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Pride is my greatest failing

I had such expectations for my children. They were going to grow up to be Christian as I am. They were going to love God as I do and go into the ministry as I had wanted to do at one time.

Imagine my surprise when they developed different ideas. I thought it was going well until they hit high school. I never had as much control as I thought I did. I spent many years with a guilty conscience and wondering what I did wrong. I apologized to God over and over for allowing it to happen.

Years ago, I accepted the fact that my children are what they are, precious human beings that God gave to my care for a short time. I have never stopped loving and enjoying them as they are and for what they have become. But it has been just recently that God has brought home to me the arrogance I displayed in ever thinking that I might have a final say. It says a lot about me that I considered my influence so great and unassailable. Pride is my greatest failing.