Jesus Christ and Seven-of-Nine

Seven-of-Nine was number seven in a group of nine, a character in Star Trek Voyager. She was rescued from the Borg Collective whose individuals were joined by cybernetic implants. These individuals heard and felt everything that the rest of the group heard and felt. There was never silence. No one was ever alone, no matter how far apart they were. She had grown up with the constant communion of that mind. When the ship’s doctor disengaged her from the Collective mind, she felt ripped apart and inexpressibly lonely. When we suffer some traumatic event, we feel it for the rest of our lives.

When Jesus Christ suffered in physical pain and humiliation, he also suffered a mental and emotional rupture. He was wrenched away from His deity, His glory, and the sufficiency that was God from eternity past. He knew loneliness like none of us will ever know. God is outside of time; all times are now to Him. The rest of His life is eternity. Just as Jesus on earth, turned to look at Peter with love and forgiveness, after the rooster crowed, after Peter’s denial of Him, Jesus in heaven looks at his disciples now with love and forgiveness even while remembering the pain.

The Borg just knew that its way would bring perfection and happiness to the universe. It did not give anyone a choice. It assimilated everyone. The Borg represents us, human beings. We know what we know and we want everyone to agree with us, regardless of the subject. Throughout history, we have forced others into converting to our way of thinking, whether it is political, philosophical, or religious. The trouble is that a coerced convert is not a true convert. Unlike the Borg, God perfectly loves. He does not drag us into his presence and is willing to let us go our own way. But, he put himself through that agony of tearing himself into pieces so that we can have the privilege of His companionship.

This weekend, as we celebrate the life, death, and resurrection of our Lord and God, we should remember that love was His motive. We need to show that love to others with respect for their right to choose even though it may break our hearts.

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